Who Played Guitar At Led Zeppelin Kennedy Center Honors


Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential and iconic rock bands of all time, was honored with a Kennedy Center Honor in December 2018. For the event, special guests were invited to play a medley of Led Zeppelin classics. While the classic rock band Adam Levine and Blake Shelton from The Voice did a great job of performing, others played guitar for the band as well. This article will share who played guitar at the Kennedy Center honored Led Zeppelin, what songs they performed, and what the event was like overall.


The guitarists who performed at Led Zeppelin’s Kennedy Center Honors were, in order of appearance: Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra, Gary Clark Jr., Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, jazz legend Jose Feliciano, country singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson and his songwriter-performer daughter, Kelly Kristofferson, and Peter Frampton. Each guitarist brought something unique to the set, and all of them combined to make an incredible performance.


The first song the guitarists performed was Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” an undeniable classic. They followed this with “Rock and Roll,” another beloved Zeppelin tune. From there, the guitarists moved on to classic rock staples such as “Whole Lotta Love,””Kashmir,””Black Dog,” and “Immigrant Song.” To wrap up their performance, they played an instrumental version of “When The Levee Breaks.”


The event was filled with emotion, as the audience cheered and sang along with the guitarists. It was an especially emotional moment when Gary Clark Jr. stepped up to the mic and delivered a powerful rendition of “Stairway to Heaven.” During his performance, he was joined by the previously mentioned guitarists and the other guests on stage. The audience was definitely in awe, and the performance ended with a standing ovation.

Critical/ Fan Reception

Critically, the performance was a huge success. Fans praised the guitarists for their incredible performance, noting that the collaboration was both powerful and emotional. Critics also heaped praise upon the performance, noting that it was a fitting tribute to the band and their iconic music.

Impact of Performance

The performance of Led Zeppelin’s songs at the Kennedy Center Honors did more than just honor the classic rock band, it showcased the power of collaboration. It showed that music truly is a universal language, and that all different kinds of guitarists have the ability to come together and create something amazing.

Camera Angles & Editing

The camera angles and editing for the performance were expertly chosen to capture the emotion of the moment. The band was sadly unable to attend the event, but they still managed to be part of the performance with close-ups of their faces displayed on the screen as the guitarists played. The wide shots of the audience and the stage also added to the powerful impact of the performance.


It was incredible to see the different kinds of guitarists come together and play Led Zeppelin’s songs. Each musician brought their own unique style to the set, and it was amazing to see how well they blended together. Even the more technical aspects, such as tuning and tempo, were handled expertly.

Personal Connections

The emotions of the performance ran even deeper for some of the guitarists involved. Peter Frampton had been good friends with Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant since the 1970s and felt an even deeper connection to the music. Similarly, Jeff Lynne, frontman of Electric Light Orchestra, had opened concerts for Led Zeppelin during the band’s early years.


The performance of Led Zeppelin’s songs at the Kennedy Center Honors was an incredible tribute to the classic rock band. Even more importantly, it showed the power and emotion of collaboration. Led Zeppelin was an iconic and influential band; and the performance of their songs at the Kennedy Center Honors serves as a reminder of the band’s incredible impact on music.


The performance of Led Zeppelin’s songs at the Kennedy Center Honors was an incredible event that honored the classic rock band. Not only did it show the power of collaboration, it reminded all of us that great music can come from artists of all kinds of genres. This performance was a celebration of Led Zeppelin, their incredible music, and the legacy they left.

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