Who Died First In The Beatles

The Beatles were a phenomenal music group. Their impact on the world of popular music still resonates to this day. Ever since their meteoric rise to fame, fans, experts and aficionados have wondered: Who died first in the Beatles?

The answer to that question is George Harrison, who passed away on November 29th, 2001 from lung cancer. George Harrison was the lead guitarist of the Beatles, and was widely beloved by audiences and critics alike. By the time his cancer diagnosis became terminal, Harrison had exhaustively delved into Eastern spiritual traditions. His death devastated his fans, as well as the remaining members of the band.

The Beatles never officially disbanded as a group. Instead, the members decided to take breaks from recording and performing, in order to pursue individual projects. Throughout the 1970s and beyond, each member of the band released solo work. However, as the years passed, their joint work tapered off significantly.

The last time the Beatles officially worked together was in 1994 for the Anthology project, which was composed of a documentary and a series of albums. It was during the Anthology sessions that Harrison revealed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The other members of the band dedicated Anthology 3 to Harrison.

Despite the sad news of Harrison’s cancer diagnosis, fans had hope that he would pull through. He even made a couple of public appearances, once even joining his former bandmates for a performance of “Free As A Bird.” However, in the end, cancer was too powerful for him to fight off.

Harrison had even started recording a studio album that was to be his final offering. The album brought together Harrison’s various religious influences, in order to create an interesting and emotionally charged art piece. On the day of his death, he was nearly done with the recording.

Influence of George Harrison

What is often overlooked, is the tremendous influence and contribution that George Harrison had to The Beatles. Throughout the band’s career, George Harrison was the one pushing the group towards new sounds and styles. He has always been the most adventurous of the band members.

Harrison pushed the group to explore reggae, folk, and other styles of music. He was also responsible for introducing Eastern influences into the group, most notably the sitar. Harrison’s impeccable guitar playing was also central to the Beatles’ sound. His solos were always a highlight of the group’s performances.

Additionally, Harrison’s songwriting was more introspective than the other members. He wrote some outright classics such as “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Something.” His philosophical and spiritual interests also influenced his work, and other band members. John Lennon himself credited Harrison for pushing him to write more meaningful and poetic lyrics.


After his death, many fans decided to honor his passing. Musicians flocked to the “#hugforharrison” hashtag on social media, to post videos of themselves playing his songs in his honor. Additionally, the remaining members of The Beatles got together to write a tribute song to Harrison. Entitled “Here Today,” the song was released in 2002.

More recently, in 2019, a memorial was erected in his hometown in England. The memorial sits in a park in Liverpool and notes Harrison’s successes in life. It was created in order to honor and remember the beloved Beatle. On it, it states “People had something, said they had nothing, and George gave them something.”


The passing of George Harrison left a huge hole in the lives of those connected to him, as well as in popular music. His musical influence and spiritual message still resonates to this day. The Beatles are still considered one of the greatest music groups in history, and Harrison’s death had a major impact on their legacy.

As a result, Harrison is considered to be a major pioneer in the Rock and Roll movement. He was one of the most innovative guitarists and songwriters of his day. To cite just one obvious example, “Something” has been covered by over 150 artists since it was released in 1969. The song has become a pop classic in its own right.

Harrison’s multitudes of admirers mourned his passing. To this day, clips of his performances and interviews still appear on TV. Though he’s gone, his spirit and influence live on.

Fans Around the World

George Harrison had fans all over the world, from young to old. He was known far and wide, and his death inspired an incredible outpouring of grief from fans worldwide. Though famous, Harrison never lost touch with his fanbase, and was always humble and approachable.

In the wake of his death, fans found ways to honor and remember him. Some took to the Internet to document their grief, while others went out of their way to attend tribute concerts and performances. To this day, Harrison’s fans remain a vibrant and passionate community, as evidenced by the many mailing lists, memory photos, tribute books and newsletters dedicated to him.

What is particularly impressive about Harrison’s fanbase is that it transcends generations. Forty years after his death, the memory of George Harrison still brings people together. From young teens to post-retirees, his presence is still strongly felt.

Merchandise & Collectibles

The lasting legacy of George Harrison can also be seen in the rich variety of memorabilia that is available. From albums to posters to books, millions of items have been sold to commemorate his life and his career. These collectibles make it possible for younger generations to learn about the life and legacy of Harrison.

More than just t-shirts and posters, however, Harrison’s footprint is also seen in more unique items. For example, special limited-edition prints featuring Harrison’s drawings are highly sought after. Additionally, countless websites have dedicated themselves to his memory and have sprung up to act as a source of information on Harrison for his fans around the world.


George Harrison’s death left an undeniable mark on the musical landscape of the world. He was an incredible musician and songwriter who inspired millions with his work. His influence and passion for life left an indelible mark on the world. Even though he died first in the Beatles, his spirit lives on through the love and admiration of fansaround the world.

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