Which Promoter Handled Both Led Zeppelin And The Rolling Stones

Peter Grant

From the 60s to the 70s, two of the world’s most iconic bands, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, had one man to thank for their rise to fame: Peter Grant. Hundreds of thousand of music fans flock stadiums around the world to watch and experience the musical genius of the bands. But it’s the lesser-known Peter Grant that paved the way for the success of both rock bands.

In 1966, Peter Grant was a successful record promoter working in the music industry. His negotiation skills, legal knowledge, and business drive for success, secured him a position as manager for The Yardbirds, a popular band in Britain. Grant had auditioned multiple musicians and producers for the band, one of which was Jimmy Page, an ambitious young songwriter.

By 1968, The Yardbirds were no more and Grant and Page agreed to explore a new venture with one another. With no name, the band slowly began working on projects and eventually developed their now iconic sound. After constant brainstorming, Lead Zeppelin was born.

With the rise of Lead Zeppelin, Grant led the way and was able to secure their success from the very start. He believed in the band and instilled in them the value of being excellent performers and businessmen. He implemented strategies to maximize their publicity and made sure he remained in control of the band’s schedule and affairs. Grant was innovating the world of promotional media, becoming the first to introduce arena tours.

Grant continued to be innovative and created a different kind of contract. It stipulated that no promotional duties were required unless the band was paid more than the sum they originally agreed upon. His unprecedented tactics earned him recognition and respect in the industry. He also brought the band to North American audiences and successfully negotiated contracts more suited for their success.

In 1971, Grant took on managing The Rolling Stones. Through negotiations and careful handling, Grant was able to make the Stones the highest paid live performers of their time. He developed strategies to maximize their earnings that included promoting merchandise and instituting restrictive ticketing schemes to ensure the highest profit.

Grant’s presence as a manager of Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones was instrumental in their success. As road manager, and eventually as personal manager for both bands, Grant scrutinized contracts, vigorously defended their musical interest, and offered protection when needed. He’s widely considered to be one of the foremost innovators of British Rock.

The Mothership

Grant’s most recognizable contribution to Led Zeppelin was his marketing strategy for their 2007 reunion tour. Grant arranged for the “Mothership” to be embedded with the bands logo in tour advertisements. With the launch of the very first Led Zeppelin compilation, the Mothership served to convey the band’s image to its fans and recognize their significance. It was used as the primary piece of the bands artwork, from promotional posters to interactive media.

The ground-breaking use of the Mothership brand made it one of the most recognizable symbols in the rock industry. This strategy was smart in that it connected the success of the past with the future. In addition, it catered to both the existing fans as well as the new listeners that followed the tour.

The band’s marketing and promotion strategies have turned out to be so successful that they are still in practice today. Although Grant died in 1995, his legacy still lives on with Led Zeppelin which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018.


Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones both had millions of followers worldwide, with Led Zeppelin predominantly being followed by young viewers between the ages 18-35 while The Rolling Stones being followed by older viewers aged 35-50. This large demographic boosted their fan base and enabled them to capitalize on their success.

Their fan base was so vast that it ranged from Asia and Europe and even all the way to North America. In the US, specifically, the two bands had a large fan base that drew a massive crowd during their concerts. With that said, even when the bands were on hiatus, Peter Grant made sure to advertise their hits and introduce them to newer generations of music fans.

The Innovator

Revered for his talent at negotiating and achieving the highest recording and live performance royalties for any band at the time, Grant was also known as an innovator. His methods of connecting with fans worldwide were unprecedented and his marketing strategies were clever and effective.

Grant had the vision to design campaigns that both appealed to established fans and attracted a new, broader audience. He understood that a band of that magnitude not only needed a great sound, but also exceptional promotional capabilities to make sure they reached their target performance goals.

This tactical knowledge led him to introduce merchandise that could be sold during, before, and after shows. Grant was essential in the band’s success and was part of The Rolling Stone’s success at the time when they named him their manager.

Certification & Awards

Grant was able to guarantee success for the both bands to the point that they have been certified multiple times internationally. Led Zeppelin have been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their highly significant contributions to the music industry. The Rolling Stones have also received the award for their eventual sustained excellence and have been influencing famous musicians such as David Bowie who cites them as his inspiration.

Grant was also recognized publicly for his drastic contributions and achievements. He was taken in as International Managers’ Man of the Year three years in a row and has won three trophies for his immense success. He received the Eddie O’Loughlin’s outstanding Manager/Promoter award at the IMEA’s, to which he said at the time, “You look at many of the awards I’ve been giving out, and everything has been towards the artist. I think it was the first time that a manager on the international side of it had been recognised like that.”.


The current music landscape would have looked very different without the guidance of Peter Grant. After his death in 1995, a lasting tribute to Grant was created in the form of the Peter Grant Memorial Award. It was presented to his family on behalf of the International Music Managers Forum in London in 2011. His son, Simon Grant, was presented with the award, which praised his father for his leadership and contributions to the music industry.

To this day, Grant’s name and legacy remain. Thousands of celebrators gather for a yearly festival dedicated to him. His presence in previous decades and subsequent recognition today prove that Peter Grant was an invaluable asset to the music world and will continue to be remembered for his contribution to the rock industry.

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