Where Does Robert Plant Of Led Zeppelin Live


Robert Plant is an English singer, songwriter, and musician, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Led Zeppelin. He was born in West Bromwich, England, and grew up in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. As a teenager, he joined a local band before meeting guitarist Jimmy Page and forming Led Zeppelin. Plant enjoyed great success with Led Zeppelin between 1968 and 1980, selling more than 200 million records. Awarded nine Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Plant later pursued a solo career and released his ninth studio album, Carry Fire, in 2017.

Where Does Robert Plant Live?

Robert Plant currently lives in London, England. Plant has lived in London since the late 1970s and continues to call it his home. Plant has said, “I have happily been based in London for over 40 years now and I find the energy and historical understanding of the city comforting, supportive, and inspiring.” Before moving to London Plant lived in the West Midlands in England.

Chuck Berry and Robert Plant

In October 2016, Robert Plant celebrated the life of rock and roll legend Chuck Berry, with whom Plant shared a stage in London in 1972. Plant fondly remembers the performance, describing it as “a night of memory-tweaking and deep soul wriggling for the great Mr. Chuck Berry”. Plant went on to explain how the performance held special memories for him as he had just moved to London and he was performing at the prestigious Albert Hall. Plant ends his heartfelt blog post saying it was “a night that remained teed-up in my soul for many a year”.

Family and Personal Life

Robert Plant has been married twice, but his current spouse is Patty Griffin, an American country/folk singer-songwriter from Texas. The couple married in 2014 and live together in London. Plant is also the father of three children. Carmen Jane Plant, born in 1968, is Plant’s daughter with his first wife Maureen Wilson. Karac Pendragon Plant, born in 1972, was Plant’s son with his second wife, American Maureen “Mori” Plant. Plant has one other child, Logan Romero Plant, born in 1979, who is the son of Plant and his former partner, Shirley Wilson.


Led Zeppelin are considered one of the most influential rock bands in history, and Robert Plant is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time. Billboard magazine ranked Plant number 15 in their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Led Zeppelin in 1995. Plant has been described as an icon of the British music scene, as well as one of the greatest frontmen in rock history.

Charitable Work

In 2010, Robert Plant and his band The Band of Joy released an album titled, ‘Band of Joy: Live at the Tabernacle, London’ live DVD. The shows captured on the album were held in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, for which Plant had served as the Patron for over a decade and a half. Plant did not offer up a formal statement at the time of the album’s release, but did confirm to a Rolling Stone Magazine reporter that, “I see the trust’s work as a very important factor in the lives of the generations of today and the generations of tomorrow.”

Music Collaborations

Throughout his illustrious career, Plant has collaborated with some of music’s most influential artists. He has collaborated with Led Zeppelin bandmate Jimmy Page multiple times, including with their alternative rock group, the Firm. Plant has also worked with Alison Krauss, the Sensational Space Shifters, Judith Owen, and Warren Haynes just to name a few. Plant has also appeared on a series of tribute albums to some of his favorite artists, including Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, and Milly Scott.

Tours and Concerts

Robert Plant continues to tour and perform concerts, even as of late in 2020. He tours both as a solo artist and with different bands, including the Sensational Space Shifters. Some of Plant’s greatest concert moments occurred on tour with Led Zeppelin, including their legendary 1977 performance at Earls Court in London. In recent years, Robert Plant tours mostly in Europe and United States, though he recently rescheduled a tour of Australia and New Zealand due to the global pandemic in 2020.

Influence on Other Musicians

Robert Plant is an influential and revered musician in rock circles, and his influence can be heard in many of today’s popular artists. Plant and Led Zeppelin have long been credited as major influences for many of today’s newest rock bands, such as Spoon, Wolfmother, Paramore and the Black Keys, and many classic rock artists, like Queen and Aerosmith. Plant’s soaring and emotive vocals have also been an influence on many current singers, including Mick Jagger and Bono. Perhaps the most obvious influence Plant has had in modern music is the inspiration that he provided to grunge bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Interests and Hobbies

When he’s not touring or making music, Plant enjoys photography, gardening, and cooking. Having spent many years living in rural Wales, Plant developed a particular fondness for gardening and nature. Plant has said that he gets his best ideas when he is gardening, describing the activity as a “kind of therapy”. Plant also loves to cook and is especially fond of Indian and Chinese dishes, often making them for friends. Plant also has an interest in photography and has taken part in multiple photo exhibitions, including a collection of his own shots of Mexico.

Final Thoughts

Robert Plant is one of the most iconic and influential rock singers of all time and is still actively touring and making music to this day. While he may no longer be living in the West Midlands, Plant continues to call London home and has lived there for over 40 years. Plant has used his platform to raise awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust and has collaborated with some of music’s most notable artists. Away from the stage, Plant enjoys photography, gardening, cooking, and nature. After four decades in the business, Plant has convinced a lot of people that he is not just another singer, but an artist who will remain influential for years to come.

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