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The British rock band Led Zeppelin produced many legendary songs throughout their career. From Stairway to Heaven to Kashmir, their musical works have spanned several decades and have inspired countless artists. The band’s last known song was 1980’s All My Love. The song was recorded during the sessions for their final album, In Through the Out Door. It remains one of Led Zeppelin’s most beloved tracks, and has seen more success after the band split up than when they were active.


The heart of All My Love’s composition is a minor chord progression, providing the song its signature melancholic feel. Jimmy Page’s guitar playing is held together by a multitude of melodic lines. John Paul Jones’ basslines act as an anchor, accompanying the vocals and creating a sonic landscape that only Led Zeppelin could achieve. Robert Plant’s vocal performance reflects the raw emotion of a man who had endured the loss of a loved one.

Production and Release

All My Love was produced by longtime Led Zeppelin producer, engineer, and mixer, Keith Harwood. Harwood’s name is closely associated with some of Led Zeppelin’s greatest works, including Physical Graffiti, Presence, and In Through the Out Door. It was during the sessions for the latter that All My Love was recorded. The track was all recorded in a single take.


All My Love was released as the last single the band released before their split in 1980. It was also the last Led Zeppelin song to ever reach the US Top 40 charts, peaking at Number 33. The song has since become a fan favorite, and was featured on the band’s live albums and greatest hits albums. Musicians such as Joe Satriani and Ed Sheeran have since covered the track. In 2020, it was ranked #9 amongst fan-voted songs in a Led Zeppelin poll via Spotify.

Influence On Post 80’s Music

Despite the band’s split, Led Zeppelin’s influence on subsequent generations of music remains pervasive. All My Love has been cited by many artists as a source of inspiration. Producer DJ Shadow sampled the song for his 2019 track “Intergalactic Planetary”. Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork references All My Love in her track “Unison”, from her second studio album.

Cultural Significance

For many fans, All My Love is a poignant ending to one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands to ever exist. It symbolizes the fondness and nostalgia of a long gone era. The track is also a testament to Led Zeppelin’s unique ability to evoke a captivating range of emotions through their music. As such, All My Love stands as one of Led Zeppelin’s most beloved and enduring songs.

Role In Led Zeppelin’s Discography

As Led Zeppelin’s final studio song before their split, All My Love serves as an epilogue to eight albums worth of masterpieces. The track exists on its own as both a melancholic reflection and a tribute to past successes. Although not quite reaching the iconic status of other Led Zeppelin songs, All My Love remains a fan favorite to this day.

Tribute Performances

In tribute to the band, several professional and amateur bands have covered the song over the years. Rock bands like Greta Van Fleet have paid homage to All My Love in both their studio and live performances. Other celebrities have also covered the track, most famously former US President Barack Obama at a campaign rally in 2008.

Cover Versions

All My Love’s popularity has resulted in the track being covered by several artists, including Chris Cornell, Eric Clapton, Train, and most recently, Hozier. Hozier remix of the track combines the best of both worlds, showcasing his silken vocal with modern instrumentation and production. Other covers of the song have also strayed from the original composition, giving it a unique twist.

Appraisal from Music Critics

All My Love has garnered generally positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. Critic Steven Hyden of Vulture.com has written that it is “one of the band’s most emotional song, with Robert Plant’s soaring vocal performance being the star of the show”. Other reviewers have commented on how the song was under-appreciated when first released, and on how the track encapsulates the essence of Led Zeppelin’s musical achievements.

Impact On Music Genres

As is often the case with Led Zeppelin’s works, All My Love was incredibly influential for the music genres that followed. It has been credited as one of the early influences of post-grunge music, leading to its widespread popularity in the 1990s. It has also been cited as one of the landmark ballads during the golden age of classic rock music. The song has left an indelible mark on the music genres of the last four decades, and has even inspired modern indie rock music.


Led Zeppelin’s All My Love is a beloved classic, standing as a testament to their legacy and influence. It is a fitting swan song for one of the greatest rock bands of all time, providing a melancholic yet beautiful conclusion. All My Love has left its mark on both classic and modern music genres, and stands as one of Led Zeppelin’s most iconic tracks.

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