Is Acdc Touring Anymore

AC/DC Touring Now and Then

Rock and roll icons AC/DC have achieved legendary status in the music world for their hard rock sound and electrifying performances. While they have been an international sensation for around 40 years, they remain the most exciting live band to this day. Fans everywhere have long been captivated by the band’s groove and energy, and of course there is always the chance that they may eventually return to the stage.

AC/DC founding members Angus and Malcolm Young formed the band in 1973 in Sydney, Australia. Since then they have produced 16 studio albums and produced some of their most recognizable songs ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’, ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back in Black’. They headlined their own tours and opened for the likes of Led Zeppelin and Kiss before eventually taking over the world.

In 2016, they announced their Rock or Bust world tour, which was expected to take them through the United States, Europe and Australia, but due to a life-threatening illness of AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, the tour was put on hold and the lastleg of the tour was cancelled in the States.

Since then, the classic line-up of AC/DC has been replaced, the band has not announced any shows for the near future and there is a lot of speculation amongst fans whether or not they will continue touring.

Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett was asked in a BBC Radio 6 interview if he thought that the band would be touring in the future. His response was, “I’m sure they will. They have unfinished business. Their heart is still in it. Of course, they would love to do more shows.”

Another well-known rock band, Guns N’ Roses, also commented on the chances of AC/DC going back on the road again. In an interview with Guitar World magazine, lead guitarist Slash was asked if he’d be interested in performing with AC/DC, to which he replied: “I think it would be great to get together but I’m not sure if they are really touring anymore. I’ve heard rumours, but you never know.”

In the music world, rumours of AC/DC going back on the road always spark up. While it is difficult to tell if the band will actually embark on another tour, many fans are hopeful that they are not yet done performing. The band has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, and has had a remarkable influence on the music industry.

Factors Contributing to Another Tour

There are many opinions on whether or not AC/DC will perform another tour, but there are some key factors to consider that could potentially influence the band’s decision. One of the most significant factors is the financial incentive of a tour, as this could potentially be a very lucrative opportunity.

The other major factor is the availability of members of the band, as some members have retired or left the group, making reuniting this classic lineup a challenge. Many have also speculated that the health of Angus and Malcolm’s older brother George, who is an original member of the band, could also be an influencing factor.

Regardless of the decisions that the band members have made since the Rock or Bust tour, many fan communities still remain hopeful that they will see another tour from this iconic band. In the past they have managed to put together successful tours despite the various changes and obstacles that have arisen, and this time could be no different.

In the current political and social climate, a world tour from a band such as AC/DC could be a much-needed release of energy. The music is emotionally charged and has a strong connection to many of its fans. There could a cultural shift that this kind of tour could bring to the world, from bringing people together in joyous celebration to inspiring people to strive for greatness.

There is a few tangible evidence that can impact on the decision as to whether AC/DC will tour again. In recent years, the band has started releasing unreleased songs, remastered versions of some of their older songs, and an updated mobile game, so it is plausible that future plans of a tour may be in the works.

How Reuniting Could Change Everything

It is no secret the members of AC/DC have had significant changes in their careers and lifestyles since their original formation, resulting in many memorable moments and memories being shared between fans worldwide. It is possible that a reunion of all the original members would create a surge of excitement and anticipation amongst fans globally, as this would signify a new era for the band.

If the issue of band member availability was a factor in AC/DC’s decision, it is plausible that a less conventional option could be explored. This could include fans and other media platforms lobbying for a comeback, which could result in a more unusual, yet exciting way of reuniting.

The introduction of digital technology has made it easier for musicians around the world to collaborate and create music in remote locations. Through the use of digital platforms such as Skype and YouTube, it is now easier for the band members to create and record music in separate locations, without having to be in the same room.

This could be a potential solution to overcoming the obstacle of hasty touring plans and logistical issues that have been experienced in the past. If the band reunites and creates tracks this way, the quality and level of creativity could be unprecedented, and this could lead to an amazing live experience for their fans, with the possibility of a subsequent tour.

Is the Reunion Worth the Wait?

The response to a possible tour by the band may be seen as controversial some, as there is no guarantee that AC/DC will reunite again to perform. For some fans, it may not be worth the effort, as it may not lead to any tour date being announced at all.

However, for many, there is still a great deal of hope that the band will make a return to the stage, and the possibility of a reunion excites many fans. Many are willing to wait in anticipation and are hopeful that with the right timing and pressure, it may be possible to achieve this goal.

Considering the band’s iconic status, it could be rewarding if AC/DC choose to reunite and tour again. Whatever the outcome, all fans of the band continue to wait with bated breath and a sense of anticipation for any announcement that may be made.

Understanding Fan’s Perspectives

In the years since the Rock or Bust tour, fans of AC/DC have taken many perspectives on the potential future of the band. Some believe that it may no longer be possible for the band to reunite in its current form, while others remain hopeful for a future tour.

In recent years, the band members have gone in many different directions, which has resulted in creative and career changes for each of them. However, the fans remain hopeful that whatever the outcome, the band will still produce amazing music and potentially add more amazing live performances to its legacy.

There may still be a bright future for AC/DC, however, it is hard to tell if the band will continue to reunite for live performances or if they will remain as one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all time with no further live performances.


The iconic rock and roll band AC/DC have seen many changes in recent years, leading to a question as to whether they will tour again and reunite for live performances. With many factors playing into their decision, the outcome of an eventual tour remains unclear, but many fans remain hopeful that the band will return to the stage and continue to rock. In the meantime, the band continues to stay active in the music world, leaving many to speculate what the future may hold.

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