How To Play Acdc On Snare Drums Sheet Music

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AC/DC is one of the most iconic bands in the history of rock and roll and its songs have become beloved anthems for generations of fans. Drummers are often particularly taken with the riff-filled tunes that have made AC/DC famous and playing their songs on the snare drum can be especially rewarding. Despite the fact that there is no one definitive way to play AC/DC on the snare drum, there are a few guidelines that every drummer should keep in mind in order to make their performance better.

Many novice drummers may hesitate to learn AC/DC songs on snare drums given the complexity of some of the band’s more popular songs. However, even those who feel that they don’t have adequate snare drum technique can still benefit from tackling one of their signature tunes. By simply focusing on the notes and rhythms that make the song recognizable, a drummer will be able to replicate the sound of AC/DC as best as they might with even more advanced technique. Additionally, it is also possible to learn the songs through simple trial and error, reading sheet music to gain an idea of what the song should sound like and then playing along with AC/DC records until the proper feel is achieved.

In terms of sheet music for AC/DC songs, many websites offer downloadable versions of the band’s sheet music or allow users to try and recreate their favorite tunes through free drum tutorials. Additionally, for those looking to learn several songs from the band all at once, AC/DC sheet music libraries are also available, with some libraries including up to forty songs from the band.

As far as what parts of the song to focus on when trying to play an AC/DC track on drums, it is important to remember that the drums are an especially important part of the overall sound of the group and should be played with particular attention. Both snare drum and cymbal accents should be emphasized whenever possible to give the track an authentic AC/DC sound. Of course, additional flourishes, such as rolls, can also be added to the beat for additional effect.

In terms of timing, it is also important to pay close attention to AC/DC’s signature drums sections, remembering that the band commonly plunges into certain sections with especially tight grooves. Making sure to keep a steady and consistent beat while playing is especially essential to providing the song with a pleasant and enjoyable rhythm.

Rudiments for AC/DC

When playing AC/DC on the snare, it is important to have a solid understanding of rudiments. Rudiments refers to simple patterns which are performed with certain sticks on the drum, and play a major role in providing texture for AC/DC songs. Popular rudiments often used in AC/DC tracks include the single stroke roll, double stroke roll and the paradiddle, while simpler patterns, such as the flam or the flam accent can also add emphasis to notes and drum beats. Additionally, certain combinations of rudiment patterns can also be used to produce different effects on the drums.

Incorporate other Instruments

When playing AC/DC on the drums, it is also worth incorporating other instruments. While the drums may be the backbone of the band, with AC/DC, other instruments often contribute heavily to the overall sound of the track as well. Additionally, incorporating other instruments, such as the bass, guitar or keyboards can also help to round out a drummer’s performance.

Expanding the Genre of Rock Music

AC/DC’s musical style has made an important impact on the overall sound of rock music, with many players attempting to replicate their iconic sound. Learning an AC/DC song or two on the snare drums is a great way to further expand a drummer’s horizons, assimilating a classic rock sound in the process. Furthermore, attempting to play along with AC/DC records can provide inspiration for a drummer, as the band’s distinctive sound captures the excitement and energy of live performance.


Playing AC/DC on snare drums requires a great deal of skill. While sheet music can provide a framework for learning the band’s songs, it is still essential to practice diligently in order to master their classic sound. Moreover, it is important for a drummer to understand both the basics of sheet music and rudiment patterns in order to effectively convey the band’s signature beats. With those components in place, a snare drum player should be well on their way to mastering the songs of AC/DC.

Different Tempos of AC/DCs Songs

The standard tempo for AC/DC songs is typically around quarter-note equals 130 beats per minute. This tempo is an approximation as the band have been known to employ different tempos on different songs. For example, the iconic ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ has a slightly faster tempo of 166 beats per minute. An interesting fact is that the band have used increasingly faster tempos as their musical career has progressed, likely contributing to their growing popularity.

The Call and Response Technique

A key element of AC/DC’s musical style is call and response play between the lead singer and the rest of the band. This technique relies on certain instruments playing off of each other to create an intriguing dynamic. As far as drums are concerned, a player can easily employ this style with accents and strokes, responding to the singer’s vocal line in order to create a more organic musical performance.

Getting Creative with AC/DC Songs

One of the most exciting aspects of playing AC/DC songs on the drums is that there is no one definitive way to play them. With enough practice it is even possible to find new and creative ways to interpret the band’s music, with each individual performance an act of musical interpretation. Whether it be is with the use of more advanced rudiment patterns or interesting rhythmic fills, a drummer should never be afraid to try new things and experiment with their own inherent style.

Learning from the Best

For those hoping to make an attempt at playing the drums to AC/DC’s music, one of the best ways to improve is to directly watch and learn from those who have earned the band’s endorsement. For example, drummers such as Phil Rudd in the early days of the band or more recently, Chris Slade, have both provided invaluable insight into how to appropriately play AC/DC songs. Watching their performances and attempting to replicate their techniques can be an invaluable aid to the aspiring drummer.

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