How To Make Crispy Broccoli In Air Fryer

People who love to have crispy snacks may opt for air fryers as a healthier alternative to conventional frying. In this article, we will discuss how to make crispy broccoli in an air fryer. Air frying is a healthier option since it needs comparatively significantly lesser oil or no oil at all.

According to The New York Times, broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with vitamins A and C, and minerals like magnesium and iron, eating broccoli can shield your body from many illnesses. It also contains a compound called sulforaphane which helps in fighting inflammations. Therefore, its consumption can be beneficial for your overall health.

You can prepare crispy broccoli in an air fryer quite easily using some simple ingredients. All you have to do is mix together some olive oil, garlic, red chilli powder, and salt in a bowl. Now, take the broccoli florets and spread them in the air fryer basket. Finally, pour the mixed ingredients over the broccoli and mix it with a ladle. Then, air-fry the mixture by setting the temperature to 390°F for 8-10 minutes.

In order to get crispy broccoli, reduce the moisture content of the vegetable as much as possible. You can either wrap the broccoli heads in a paper towel or dry it with a clean cloth before adding it to the fryer.

Nutritionist Sarah Krieger recommends that people who are trying to lose weight should consume broccoli as it helps in weight loss. She also mentioned that the vegetable contains anti-cancer properties that are released upon exposure to oil with high temperatures.

The University of California advises individuals to consume broccoli in a limited quantity so that they can reap all the health benefits from it. Over-consumption of this vegetable can cause some digestive issues which is why one should consult a nutritionist or a doctor before consuming it in a large quantity.


The air fryer broccoli is packed with amazing tastes and aromas. To enhance the taste, you can also sprinkle some cheese over the air-fried broccoli. Adding Parmesan cheese is a great way to give your air fryer broccoli an extra flavor.

You can also get creative with the flavors. If you want a hint of sweetness, mix maple syrup or honey in the mixture. For some spiciness, you can add some chili flakes and herbs to the mix. Use some dried cranberries for a hint of sourness.

Adding a few drops of sesame or olive oil can help in enhancing the flavor and texture of the air fryer broccoli. The richness of the oil will make the air-fried broccoli extra crunchy.

A few drops of lemon or lime juice can also improve the taste of the air fryer broccoli. Adding the juice will also help in preventing the broccoli from turning black.


Incorporating healthy toppings to air fryer broccoli can make it even more flavorful. You can add crushed nuts like almonds, cashews, or walnuts. These will give a crunchier texture to the air fryer broccoli.

You may use some sesame or poppy seeds to enhance the flavor and texture. For a creamy topping, you can use grated Parmesan cheese or cream cheese. You can also sprinkle some cayenne or chili powder for a spicy flavor.

For a more flavorful topping, you can spurt some lime or lemon juice on the air-fried broccoli.


You can put your own creative spin on air fryer broccoli by trying out some new variations. Try using cauliflower florets in place of broccoli florets in the same recipe. You can also add some boiled potatoes or corn to the air fryer basket for a more wholesome experience.

Adding garlic can also help in giving a unique flavor to the air fryer broccoli. You can also mix different types of oil in the mixture, such as coconut or sesame, for a distinct taste. You may try using some herbs such as rosemary or oregano for a more intense flavor.

Using the air fryer can also help in reducing the carb and fat content of the broccoli. If you are on a tight budget, then you can add some chopped carrots or green beans in the mixture. This will make the recipe more affordable.


You can preserve the air fryer broccoli by refrigerating it in an airtight container for up to one week. You may also put it in the freezer by wrapping it in an aluminium foil and freezing it for up to a month. Reheating it in the oven is a healthier alternative than re-frying the broccoli.

You can also add some spices to the air-dried broccoli to enhance the flavor. Adding turmeric powder, cinnamon, or black pepper will give it a nice flavor. You can also sprinkle some lemon or lime juice to it.

Health Benefits

Apart from being an incredibly tasty snack, air fryer broccoli also has multiple health benefits. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber which helps in digestion and prevents constipation. It is also rich in antioxidants which helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body and guarding it against illnesses.

The air fryer broccoli is also low in calories so it makes for a great snack for those looking to watch their weight. Moreover, as air frying does not require much oil, it is a healthier alternative to other cooking methods.

The air fryer broccoli also contains several vitamins and minerals which offer numerous health benefits. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium present in broccoli play a key role in maintaining the body’s balance, while the vitamin C and A present in it have anti-inflammatory effects.


Air fryer broccoli is a great meal option for those looking for a snack that is both tasty and healthy. Apart from being extremely delicious, the air fryer broccoli also contains several health benefits. Its rich content of vitamins and minerals helps in boosting immunity and protecting the body from disease. Moreover, it is low in calories and fat which makes it an excellent option for those looking to lose weight. If you want to give air fryer broccoli a try, then follow the steps mentioned in this article.

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