Does The Guns N Roses Intengrants Had Kids

Guns N Roses: Intengrants and Children

Guns N Roses, the American hard rock band formed in 1985, have produced some of music’s most iconic albums, tracks and tours. The multi-million selling original line-up of the band was famously tumultuous and ever-changing. The sale of the band’s albums exceeded 100 million worldwide, with their ground-breaking Appetite for Destruction reaching the number one spot on the Billboard chart. Despite their immense success, Guns N Roses became notorious for their wild partying, fraught relationships with the press and hotly-anticipated tours.

Fans of Guns N Roses have long-questioned the news that various members of the band have had children. To date, three of the original members of the band, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, have become fathers. It is thought that the parental responsibility of these members had a profound impact on the composition and performance of the music created by Guns N Roses.

Axl Rose was the first of the original members to settle down and start a family. He has had two children with Erin Everly, the daughter of Don Everly of the Everly Brothers. Rose has also adopted two stepsons with his second wife, model Erin Sara. In contrast, his former bandmate Slash didn’t become a parent until he was 48, with his fourth child being born in 2018.

Duff McKagan was the last of the original trio to become a parent. He currently has five children, with the youngest being six years old. Being a father has had an effect on McKagan’s approach to the music created by Guns N Roses, as he speaks more frequently on the impact of the parenting side of his life on his art. He stated in an interview with UK tabloid, The Sun, that “Being a father is much more compared to being in the band, it’s your top priority.”

Beyond Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, the remaining members of Guns N Roses have not (to date) had children. Izzy Stradlin left the band in 1991 and has been married and divorced twice, although opinions differ on whether or not he has any children. Meanwhile, Steven Adler has remained the only member to not marry, separating from his partner in 2003.

Impact of Family on Music

A popular opinion amongst musicologists and historians is that the presence of children of these members had a profound impact on the music created by Guns N Roses. It is suggested that many of the albums created after members had children possessed an introspective, almost melancholy, quality to them. This has been noticeable with the ballads created on albums such as the Use Your Illusion series, which have been credited as being “far-removed” from the always-upbeat sounds of Appetite for Destruction.

In the opinion of historians, having children altered the approach of musicians to their craft. The father-style of songwriting adopted by Rose, Slash and McKagan varied from the anthemic approach of Appetite for Destruction and subsequent albums. This may be heard on songs such as Substitute, Don’t Cry, November Rain and Estranged which have been attributed to the changing lifestyles of the band.

A further impact of family on the music created by Guns N Roses was seen with the introduction of softer elements to the hard rock sound. This may have been due to the band members responsibilities in their day to day lives as they had to shift their party lifestyle in favour of responsibilities imposed by marriage and parenthood.

Even more poignant is the impact of fatherhood and an increasingly responsible lifestyle on the later touring experiences of the band. Following the end of the Use Your Illusion Tour in 1993, Rose, Slash and McKagan were more reticent to begin additional tours until they had achieved a greater degree of personal stability in their lives.

Impact of Children on Lifestyle

The addition of children to the families of three original members of Guns N Roses had a profound effect on the lifestyle they adopted. Where before the band were seen as a major source of debauchery in the music industry, three members decided to focus on their personal priorities after having children.

Axl Rose was the most outspoken speaker on this particular issue. Having become a father in 1990, Rose stated that “he felt ‘momentary stability’ that had been lacking in his own life”. When questioned Rose expressed a belief that he had been able to gain control of his life once he had become a father.

Therefore, this newfound form of purpose shifted the lifestyle hobbies of these original band members in favour of activities such as playing catch, toy shopping and attending school events for their children. In the mind of Rose “it made complete sense” to focus on his parenting, away from the world of rock n roll.

Slash had a similar experience, once becoming a father in 2002. Already engaged in a battle against drug-addiction, Slash was heavily impacted by fatherhood and later commented that “it made me realise what’s important”. This resulted in Slash focusing heavily on his life as a father, and putting Tours and Grammy award winning albums aside in favour of his family.

Impact of Children on Mindset

The addition of children to the members of the original Guns N Roses line-up shifted the mindset of those individuals in regards to the music recorded and produced by the band. Of course, this changed the music made by the band, although it cannot be assumed that this is the only reason why their sound evolved – as creativity and influence changed at a rapid pace in the late eighties and early nineties.

This subtle change included quieter and more feeling-driven pieces, as members of the band had to stand up for the responsibility that comes with having a family. This switch exercised a heavy presence on the type of lyrics written by Rose and the overall impact of the music created by Guns N Roses.

Furthermore, three members became much more introspective in the writing of the lyrics for albums such as Use Your Illusion. This manner of reflective-style writing was a new concept within the music world, and it was often linked to the newfound responsibilities of the members of the band.

The shift in mindset was not just evident in the music created and performed by Guns N Roses. Those same members were seen to devote both their time and energy devoted to their children and family. Some of the band members experienced a significant psychological U-turn as they shifted from the rigours of the rock n roll lifestyle.

Impact of Music on Children

The original members of Guns N Roses have expressed belief that their music has had just as much of an effect on their own children, as their children had on the music. The music of Guns N Roses is particularly popular amongst children and teenagers, and the bands former members express gratitude that they can pass this music down to children.

Axl Rose cited the opportunity to “walk down the street with his kids, and they proudly tell friends of their dad in GNR”. Rose also mentioned “the feeling of pride and admiration knowing that his family are aware of his past in the music industry”. The bond between father and child is believed to have been strengthened by the shared love of music created by Rose and co.

Having children has also enabled the former members of the band to share the music created by Parental Advisory cleared albums, such as Appetite For Destruction. This has allowed the likes of Slash and Duff McKagan to expose their children to the heavier elements of punk rock and hard rock, playing them Appetite for Destruction. Slash stated that his children’s “favourite song is Sweet Child Of Mine.”

Therefore, fans will be interested to note that the presence of family has had an effect on the musical journey of Guns N Roses and it’s members. Despite the extreme circumstances of the rock n roll lifestyle, three of the original members (Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan) have embraced the rise to responsible fatherhood with their own empathetic music intrinsically linked to their evolution as people.

Argument for Worthy Music

The presence of children in the lives of members of Guns N Roses has given a new

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